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What is the press saying about MicPort Pro?

Lonnie Lazar in Mac | Life

"The biggest headaches we get trying to capture that elusive, magic moment, be it during rehearsal with our band or in an interview with a profile subject, always stem from fear of a poor recording. Usually that means means lugging around extra equipment to record with high-quality microphones, or else compromising on sound quality by using cheap USB mics or even (horrors!) the one built in to our Mac.

"The CEntrance MicPort Pro is a permanent cure for that headache."

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Andy Hong in TapeOp

"If you're looking for a quick, easy, and very portable mic'ing system with high-quality sound for your laptop or desktop, the MicPort Pro should be on your shortlist, especially if you already own one or more mics you'd want to use in this capacity."

Review available in the Sept/Oct 2008 edition (Issue #67)

Harlan Hogan and Jeffrey Fisher in their book,
Voice Actor's Guide to Recording at Home

"For the ultimate in at-home and on-the-road functionality, the CEntrance MicPort Pro is a mini audio interface that plugs directly into your mic and has a USB calbe out he other side. It delivers phantom power to mics that need it and--this is important--has a headphone jack for monitoring while you record with zero latency. Now, any mic you own or purchase in the future can be a USB mic. The preamp is clean, clear and natural sounding, and the A/D audio interface is quiet so you record your voice, not the electronics. This is one amazingly handy device at an equally amazing low price."

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Tom Phillips in Post

"I set up a test comparing it [MicPort Pro] to a Grace Design 201 preamp recording into Cakewalk Sonar 6 on my PC, and then replayed the same parts using the same microphones fed through the MicPort Pro and Garage Band. For microphones I used a Neumann U87 (condenser) and a Coles 4038 (ribbon). In general, I would say that the MicPort Pro compared incredibly well. At times it was difficult to hear any difference at all."

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Chris Wygal in Radio Magazine

"When Madonna recorded Material Girl, microphones, preamps and mixing consoles were a must. But today, microphones can simply connect directly to a computer via USB with the help of the CEntrance MicPort Pro preamp."

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Craig Anderton in Harmony Central

"I'd say that this definitely takes the USB mic concept up another notch. It's not just about being able to go to 96kHz and use your own mic; the mic pre and headphone amp sound good, too. Throw in zero latency monitoring, and you have a cool little package that not only does the job, but does it well."

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Rusty Cutchin in Electronic Musician

"Lest anyone think digital audio converters can't get smaller and still maintain good sound quality, CEntrance's MicPort Pro stands ready to take on all doubters. Rating: 5 out of 5 stars."

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More from Craig Anderton in EQ Magazine

"I've used USB mics for doing video narration in a German hotel room, recording band rehearsals, and grabbing samples with my laptop. But I've often wanted to use my favorite, non-USB mic as a USB mic... and now I can."

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Stephen Fortner in Keyboard Magazine

"'I love when things just work' is my catchphrase, or at least my favorite printable one. Even if you're a die-hard Keyboard reader, though, you probably aren't sick of me using it yet – but if every piece of audio hardware that's a front end for software performed as well as the MicPort Pro, then believe me, you would be."

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Kara Edwards in VoiceOverExtra.com

"There was one 'want' I decided to go ahead and indulge in, though. I purchased a MicPort Pro to take with me on vacation. Since I do a bit of traveling - often by plane, I was looking to get rid of my current audio interface in exchange for something much smaller and easy to carry.

It was a great decision, and will come in very handy over the months ahead."

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Peter Kirn in Create Digital Music

"Most importantly, the MicPortPro has the headphone jack for zero-latency monitoring. It’s made of aluminum, and seems to be pretty solid in build. It supports 24-bit/96kHz recording. ASIO drivers are available on PC. And it has nice, dedicated knobs for gain. There’s even a software driver for aggregating more than one MicPortPro. The MicPortPro looks like it wins on just about every single point"

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Ty Ford in Digital Video Magazine

"I've been waiting for something like this [MicPort Pro] after looking at USB mics for clients who wanted to bypass the mic/mic preamp/input card topology for something simpler."

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The MacBreak Weekly Boys

"Are you using that [MicPort Pro] right now?"
"Yeah, I'm using it right now."
"With the AKG [414]?"
"How do I sound? Do I sound rich and luxurious?"
"You sound fantastic."

Listen to the an excerpt from the podcast here

Dick DeBartolo and Leo LaPorte of Giz Wiz

"This [MicPort Pro] is something I'm going to use all the time... it's really a life saver... I'm just blown away by this thing."

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Warren Dent of StudioAuditions.com

"This device [MicPort Pro] amazes me.... does exactly what it says it will, only it sounds better than you'd think."

Chrisopher Breen in Macworld:

"I've used the MicPort Pro with my AKG 414 for a couple of podcasts and it's performed like a champ."

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Alex Lindsey in Macworld:

"My two favorite starter USB interfaces are [another product] and Centrance’s $200 [list price] MicPort Pro, which is particularly great for travel."

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Editorial review in MusicTech Magazine (UK), January 2008

"Easily the best USB recording solution we have seen to date. Verdict: Excellence, 10 out of 10 stars."

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Mandy Nelson on VoiceOverXtra.com:

"Recently I was on a mission. I took my first ever 'Workation.'

"In the past I would contact my clients and say that I'd be away for a week. They would tell me to enjoy myself, then send me a mountain of work that needed to be done before I quite possibly died while I was away.

"Inevitably, when I returned, because I hadn't died yet, there would be more work to do because they rushed scripts and hadn’t worded something right or left something out.

"Well, this time I wasn’t having any more of that. So I bought myself the pretty and stylish Micport Pro preamp..."

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Liz de Nesnera records on the road with MicPort Pro (lower left corner) and her version of Harlan Hogan’s Porta-Booth


Rory O'Shea on VoiceOverXtra.com:

"My salvation materialized in the form of the MicPort Pro, an itty-bitty thing (technical term for 24-bit/96kHz broadcast quality USB mic preamp that fits in your pocket) used by the big networks and the likes of us in VO. This little mic-to-computer audio interface eliminates the need for a sound card and mixing board, thus making the travelling studio that much more streamlined. It's a cost-effective tool at less than 200 bucks including S&H."

Mark Jensen in New Media Gear

"One simple feature sets the MicPort Pro apart from others and justifies its price: quality."

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Jeffrey Fisher in Digital Producer Magazine

"It's a modern marvel how CEntrance was able to squeeze so much functionality and quality technology into this four inch device."

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Rated 4/5 stars on Tech Radar

"We think the MicPort is a better product overall, thanks to its intelligent design, clear audio quality and - critically for keen podcasters - a very small footprint."

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Matej Isak in Mono & Stereo

"If you need an affordable and professional USB audio device that will capture the essence of your 'mojo,' you should take MicPort Pro into consideration."

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Joshua Topolsky on Engadget

"You know, sometimes you want a preamp, but not too much preamp. Well, CEntrance has got you all-kinds of covered..."

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Frank F. of the Voice-Over Bulletin Board

"I am having a difficult time returning the MicPortPro to my friend; as this little device will make my on-the-road portable podcast and recording equipment issues so much easier to deal with."

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Christian Hunziker of MusicFarm.org

"Phantastisch! Alles klappte auf Anhieb. Und die Soundqualität schien superb."

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Dave Raven & Mark Phillips of the Multimedia program on BFBS Radio

"A podcaster's dream... it's a remarkably simple piece of kit and I'm surprised nobody's thought about it before."

Listen to the an excerpt from the podcast here

"Fabriqué par la société CEntrance, le Micport Pro est un pré-ampli micro XLR (48V) USB doublé d'un ampli casque miniaturisé, directement utilisable sans pilote ni installation particulière, ce qui en fait une interface audio on ne peut plus transportable et utilisable en quelques secondes..."

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Editorial pick for Top 5 "Hidden Treasure" at AES 2007

"These little handheld devices serve up 24-bit/96kHz A to D conversion all in a bus-powered unit that fits in the palm of your hand."

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