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24-bit/96kHz USB Mic Preamp

MicPort Pro features a low noise, solid state Class A preamp and a high fidelity A/D converter, which will capture vocals and instruments at full 24-bit/96kHz resolution at home, in a studio or live on stage, using any dynamic or condenser microphone with an XLR connector. Here are some typical applications.


ENG for Broadcast

With 24-bit/96kHz performance and no need for batteries, broadcasters like BBC, CNN and CBS cameramen and reporters use MicPort Pro to record broadcast quality news in the field and in their hotel rooms at night.


Recording Vocals

Vocals sell the song. Place your best microphone in front of the vocalist to capture the subtle details of the perfromance. Plug your MicPort Pro right into the microphone and don't forget to engage phantom power if you are using a condenser. Attach the supplied USB cable to a Mac or PC and you are ready to record.

Bonus: Plug the headphones into the headphone jack and give your vocalist the abitlity to hear herselft in real time, without delay. Mic gain and headphone volume adjustment knobs are located right on the unit. Adjust gain for maximum signal level without distortion. Adjust headphone level to taste.



DJs often get their samples off records, but the best way to get that perfect snare or tom sound is to sample the drum itself. Use a condenser microphone for best results. MicPort Pro makes it easy to create high quality samples due to its conveniently located microphone gain control knob and wide range of gain adjustment. Experiement with mic placement to get the right sound from the drum.


Recording Instruments

For a guitar player, the amp is an integral part of the sound. It takes a long time to dial the amp just right, so it makes sense to record the sound of the amp when you are recording guitar parts. MicPort Pro allows you to do just that. Set up a dynamic mic on a stand, pointing the mic at the the speaker, plug the MicPort Pro into the back of the mic amp and you are ready to record. Experiement with mic placement to get the right sound from the amp.

Bonus: If your guitar, bass or keyboard amp has an XLR output, you can plug the MicPort Pro right in. No microphone is needed in this case.


Podcasting and Spoken Word

MicPort Pro is the perfect solution for Podcasting. Its small size, built-in headphone amp, on-board 48V phantom power and easy gain and headphone level adjustments make it the most portable, professional podcasting solution. Need to do a remote feed? Put a MicPort in your pocket and travel light for a change. What a concept!


Stereo and Multichannel Recording

For years, CEntrance has been is in the business of making audio products work together. MicPort Pro is no exception. Need a stereo recording? Use two MicPorts. Need more channels? Just add more units. The CEntrance Universal Driver for Windows (XP and Vista) will take care of the rest. It's a free download for MicPort users. No driver is needed for Mac OS X 10.4 and above.


For additional tips and tricks on using the MicPort Pro, please visit our forum www.centrance.com/forum