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Precision tool to measure audio delay in your computer setup via ASIO. Download now and optimize your system for performance.

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Measurement Instructions

1) Experiment with the control panel of your ASIO driver to determine the lowest settings, at which you can still get clean sound on recording and playback (no audible clicks, pops or glitches).
2) Use a patch cable to connect the analog input of your recording interface (sound card) to its analog output. Any pair of inputs/outputs will do. Turn down the speakers for this test, as the system will produce a short, loud pulse.
3) Select the device driver you would like to test from the drop down menu of the LTU and select the input and output channels you have physically connected together in Step 2.
4) If available, the device driver's control panel window will appear. Select the sample rate and buffer settings you determined in Step 1.
5) Click on the 'Measure!' button. The analog round-trip latency will be displayed at the bottom left corner of the window.
Disclaimer: LTU is provided AS IS and with no warranty of any kind. By downloading this application you agree to take full responsibility for its use, and assume all risks in connection therewith. Be careful with those ears. LTU will make a loud pulse during the test. Turn the speakers down when measuring!