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Extreme Performance FireWire Audio Driver. Highest stability, 2.5mS latency, easy installation.
This product has been discontinued

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What it is

The CEntrance Ideal Driver™ (ID) is the Extreme Performance FireWire Audio Driver. It uses our unique, high-octane Windows 2000/XP Driver technology from the Universal Driver and features highest stability, lowest latency, and easy installation. It's designed to be more reliable than the OEM drivers that come standard with many recording interfaces. ID works with popular devices and is positioned as the ideal OEM replacement driver. See for yourself why CEntrance FireWire technology is superior to competition.


What it does

The Ideal Driver (ID) shares the proven technology from the Universal Driver, and was optimized for single-device capability. If you only use one device at a time, this product is for you. The ID supports up to 32 I/O channels (FireWire 400), handles WDM, ASIO2, GSIF2, and MIDI, and is compatible with sample rates from 32 kHz to 192 kHz, at 24-bit depths.



The Ideal Driver has been tested with the majority of ASIO applications, but not all hardware is supported yet. Please check if your audio interface is on the list before placing an order. The Ideal Driver is compatible with Windows 2000 and XP. The Ideal Driver is not compatible with Windows Vista.


Purchase Process and Licensing Policy

Ideal Driver is available for sale at the CEntrance store. Licensed users have access to periodic updates, containing feature enhancements and support for newly released hardware and software. ID is protected by a security solution, which ties your driver to the serial number of your PC. Here is how it works: Once your payment is complete, you will be able to download a registration utility. Run it on the same machine where you plan to install the driver and email us the code it generates. Within 1 business day (typically less), we will send you your custom driver. Your driver is licensed to work on one machine, but we offer discounts on multiple licenses. Please check the store for current offerings.