DACport for iPad

DACport is a highly versatile product. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux, it improves the sound of desktops, laptops, netbooks and palm-top computers. Now DACport is also compatible with the Apple iPad, providing a tremendous audio quality improvement over the built-in sound system. If you are a happy owner of the iPad you too can have your DACport work with this exciting portable media device!

The best part is that there is nothing special to do — DACport is supported on iPad "out of the box".


Technical Details


There are two things to keep in mind to make sure you have a smooth experience.

1) In order to get the USB data out of the iPad, you need to get the 'iPad camera adapter kit", available at most stores that sell Apple products. Plug the DACport USB cable into this adapter.

2) In order to provide USB power to the DACport, you need to get an external power module, available from Tekkeon and several other companies. Give us a call if you have any quesitons about external powering and we will help.


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