The CEntrance AxePort Pro is the smallest professional USB preamp and recording interface for guitar and bass. Using AxePort Pro is quite simply the easiest way to lay down a high quality guitar or bass track using virtually any computer's USB port. Featuring plug 'n play digital recording with no complicated software installation or setup, the AxePort Pro packs a ton of features into its 4-inch long and 1-inch wide rugged aircraft aluminum tube.


The AxePort Pro Solution

Easily record high quality bass and guitar tracks on the go.
Replace stomp boxes and pedals with computer-generated effects.
Practice along with iTunes and other pre-recorded music using zero-latency monitoring.
Lay down clean tracks and experiment with different amp models.
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Key features include:

Studio-grade 24-bit/96 kHz digital recording that far exceeds CD quality, as well as other competitive interfaces
Warm and natural-sounding, Hi-Z instrument preamp with an extra-low noise floor and a super-wide frequency range
A mixer with zero-latency monitoring lets you blend your performance with a pre-recorded track, iTunes or effects
A stereo 1/8-inch headphone jack and premium headphone amp for high end clarity while monitoring

Pro Studio in Your Pocket

Good things come in small packages and the AxePort Pro is no exception. Carefully designed to fit into a 4-inch long and 1-inch wide rugged aircraft aluminum tube, the AxePort Pro includes the following components:

Custom studio-grade instrument preamp with an extra-low noise floor, so your recording captures every detail of your performance
Premium headphone amp that delivers high end clarity, perfect for even the most expensive studio headphones
Internal mixer with zero-latency monitoring lets you blend your real-time performance with effects, a pre-recorded track, or iTunes music
Convenient gain and volume knobs, which make precise adjustments a breeze

Plug 'n Play Design

Whether you are a seasoned professional recording tracks on the road, or someone who is just a beginner, you will appreciate how easy AxePort Pro is to use.

Works with most computers—AxePort Pro simply plugs into virtually any computer's USB port—Mac, PC and Linux
Works with major recording and effects software, so you can use the software you prefer to create your perfect sound
Connects with any bass or guitar—AxePort Pro's Hi-Z instrument preamp will work with almost any electric instrument

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

Created by musicians for musicians, the AxePort Pro delivers unsurpassed digital audio clarity and transparency. Boasting a 24-bit, studio-grade instrument preamp with an extra-low noise floor and a super-wide frequency range (20 Hz to 40 kHz), the AxePort Pro significantly exceeds the competition. No one will know that your track wasn't recorded in an expensive studio. To learn more, please take a look at our specs.


Use to Record or Play

Perfect for recording instruments due to its exceptional sound quality and easy-to-use design, the AxePort Pro is also a great way to practice. Plug into the headphone jack and play along with pre-recorded music on iTunes or try out some effects. And at a fraction of the cost of a typical rig, AxePort Pro is the perfect recording and practice solution for a professional or a beginner at home or on the go.


AxePort Pro Specs

Sample Rate: 96kHz (Also supports 44.1 kHz, 48kHz and 88.2kHz)
Resolution: 24-bit (Also supports 16-bit)
Audio Input: Mono 1/4" jack, Hi-Z input for guitar and bass
  Audio Output: Stereo 1/8" headphone jack
  Input Impedance: 1 MOhm
  Power: USB bus (no batteries or external power supply needed)
  Frequency Response: 20Hz...40kHz +/- 1.1dB (min. gain)
  Dynamic Range: 101dB (A-weighted, min. gain)
  THD+N: 0.005% (-0.5dBFS, 1kHz, min. gain)
  Input Level Range: +15dBV (min. gain) to -15dBV (max. gain)
  Maximum Output Level: -3dBV @ 16 Ohm load, +2dBV @ 32 Ohm load
  Hardware Dimensions: 4.5" (11.4cm) length, 1" (2.5cm) width, 1" (2.5cm) height
  Weight: 2.4 ounces (68 grams) hardware, 2 lbs. (0.9kg) shipping box

Included Accessories

6' (1.83m) low EMI USB cable
Carrying pouch made out of felt
Clip for guitar strap or belt

Avaliable Software (click here to download )

Trial shareware version of REAPER™ multi-track recording and editing software
Trial version of Oligarc digital effects
CEntrance Universal Driver (PC) - This ASIO driver allows you to access the "wet/dry" slider so you can blend your real-time performance with effects or a recording. The driver also allows to record multiple tracks using more than one AxePort Pro or MicPort Pro.

Compatible Operating Systems


Suggested Use

Compatible with Windows Compatible with Mac OS Compatible with Linux AxePort Pro is Plug 'n Play compatible with Windows 7, Mac OS Snow Leopard and most versions of Linux.
  Windows   Mac OS   Linux

Plug into any computer and be ready to record in seconds!


Use VST effects in place of stomp boxes and pedal boards!
Take your laptop to the stage and leave your rack gear behind!
Play along with iTunes and learn your favorite music!
Record studio-quality parts anywhere - at home or on the road!
Lay down clean tracks and reamp them later!
Practice with headphones without distrubing the neighbors!


Compatible Recording and Effects Software

  Apple Garage Band IK Amplitube Overloud TH1 NI Guitar Rig Waves GTR Peavey Revalver Line6 POD farm
    GarageBand   Amplitube   TH1   Guitar Rig   GTR   Revalver   POD Farm

Compatible Instruments

AxePort Pro's innovative Hi-Z preamp allows it to work with virtually any magnetic or piezo pickup, so you can use it with most of your electric instruments. The flexible gain range accommodates all passive and active instruments—AxePort Pro even works with active preamps running on 18V power!


CEntrance Universal Driver™ with Device Aggregation

Access additional functionality by downloading the free CEntrance Universal Driver (UD)™ for Windows. Use ASIO and GSIF applications. Combine several AxePort Pro or MicPort Pro units for multichannel recordings. CEntrance unique technology synchonizes recordign channels with sample-accurate precision. The UD control panel includes another unique feature — the "wet/dry" slider. Now you can blend the "dry" zero-latency input signal with the "wet" return from your DAW including effects plug-ins. Use to balance the tone, minimize software latency and simplify performance and recording!

CEntrance Universal Driver

Download UD™


Demo Videos

Create a recording studio wherever you are. See how easy it is to record a song with AxePort Pro using Apple® GarageBand® in this three-part video series!

PART 1: Recording Guitar with the AxePort Pro and GarageBand


PART 2: Recording Bass with the AxePort Pro and GarageBand


PART 3: Recording Vocals with the MicPort Pro and GarageBand

Video Credits: Paul Chen (camera, editing), Suede Stout (guitar), Vuyani Wakaba (bass), Suzanne Cross (vocals)

Artists using the AxePort Pro

Click here for more Artists who use AxePort Pro
Will Lee Richard Fortus Scott Thunes Kenny Lee Lewis Adam Nitti Dean Brown
(David Letterman) (Guns and Roses) (Ex-Frank Zappa) (Steve Miller) Studio Basist Studio Guitarist

Press Reviews

Click here for glowing magazine reviews

by Patrick Wong, Guitar Player Magazine

by Brian Fox, Bass Player Magazine

"With 24-bit/96kHz performance, you can record with professional-grade clarity"

"this little blue bugger might have triggered a shift in my priorities. "

Andy Hong in TapeOp

Tom Phillips in Post

"The sound? Full, clear, true – no clipping or distortion, even through meager iPod earbuds. The bottom end was rich sounding with a nice punch to it. It was just what I’d love to hear for practicing. Plenty of volume, too."

"...quiet enough to make serious recordings...

This is a typical CEntrance product — it's elegant, simple and does exactly what it claims."


Free downloads:

Download the CEntrance Universal Driver to use ASIO applications, multiple units and the wet/dry mixer control panel.

Also, click here to download the Reaper Digital Workstation trial shareware version, Free CEntrance Audio Latency Test Utility and more!

CEntrance Universal Driver


CEntrance User Forum:

Our Forum is a quick and excellent resource! Come in, read the FAQ, ask questions, browse what others have say - it's an open environment. Of course you can also contact us directly.

The AxePort Pro FAQ is written to make it easier to find answers to the most common questions.

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AxePort Pro Downloads


CEntrance offers free downloads of software and tools to use with your AxePort Pro. The following files are located in the archives below:


Download for Mac, zip file (10.4 and above) Click here

- Trial shareware version of REAPER™ multi-track recording and editing software

- Trial version of Oligarc digital effects - allows to play with effects right out of the box

- CEntrance control panel for adjusting the level of zero latency monitor in the headphones


Download for Windows, zip file (XP and above) Click here

- Trial shareware version of REAPER™ multi-track recording and editing software

- Trial version of Oligarc digital effects - allows to play with effects right out of the box


Also available:

CEntrance Universal ASIO Driver for adjusting the level of zero latency monitor in the headphones and sampling rate. For the latest version, click here


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