Capture sound anywhere using your iPhone, Android or Laptop. MixerFace is a mobile recording interface for smartphones, tablets and computers. Featuring a long-life rechargeable battery, it transforms your smartphone into a full-featured portable recording studio, complete with low-noise boutique preamps, creating an end-to-end mobile recording solution for location recordists, journalists, voiceover artists, and traveling musicians. Click to learn more.

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HiFi-M8 redefines the portable DAC/Amp. HiFi-M8 (pronounced "Mate") creates a perfect listening experience anywhere you are — at work, on a train, or in the gym; helping you through the workday or soothing you at home. USB and iPhone/iPad/iPod compatibility, 6 hour battery, balanced outputs, a variety of input and output configurations and tone shaping features. Take your high-res music with you! Eight versions available. Click to learn more.

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Audiophile Desktop System


Our Audiophile Desktop™ product bundle packs together a pair of "MasterClass™ 2504" desktop 2-way coaxial speakers and the "DACmini™ PX" desktop amplifier and DAC. The bundle also includes a travel case with custom foam cushioning as well as speaker and USB cables. The Audiophile Desktop system was designed from the ground up to bring Hi-Fi sound right to the desktop for today's Internet-connected consumer. The DAC, amp and speakers are closely matched and properly voiced to work together in concert. The Audiophile Desktop bundle provides a complete digital audio listening solution. Click to learn more.

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MasterClass 2504


The new 'MasterClass 2504' near field speakers boldly define 'mastering-quality' sound for the listener's immediate environment, delivering audiophile sound to the desktop or the bookshelf. The design utilizes a patented 'coplanar' transducer technology, which guarantees no interference between high and low frequencies and delivers focused sound with precise instrument definition and wide sound stage. Each MasterClass 2504 speaker features a full-range two-way 4' transducer, a carefully tuned bass-reflex cavity, a musical cross-over circuit with custom frequency-shaping components and 25 watts of power-handling capability. The speakers are finished in black piano lacquer to match the black anodized finish of the DACmini PX. Click to learn more.

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DACmini PX


DACmini PX is the heart of a compact audiophile sound system. This amazing device integrates three products in one: A USB DAC, a Class A Headphone amp and a Class D amplifier -- all tightly packed into a portable chassis! Add a pair of speakers and presto -- you've just created a compact, audiophile quality, digital-ready playback system for your office, bedroom or den. DACmini PX comes in stunning Onyx Black, which shines on your desk or book shelf. Features a 24-bit/192kHz DAC and precision, analog volume control. Drives 4...8 Ohm speakers. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad. Click to learn more.

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DACmini CX


DACmini CX is a versatile, 4-input audiophile DAC (USB, Line, Optical, Coax) integrated with a Class-A headphone amplifier. Stacks with Apple Mac Mini or shines alone on your computer desk. Features a 24-bit/192kHz DAC and a Class-A headphone amp with precision analog volume control. With no listening fatigue, DACmini delivers hours or high-resolution listening enjoyment. Compatible with Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad. Requires no drivers or installation. Click to learn more.

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Our custom-designed, triple-shielded interconnect cable is a technological marvel, developed to preserve the musicality and transparency of our Digital to Analog converters. The Reserve Series RCA to Stereo 1/4" is designed for complete synergy with DACport and DACport LX, allowing connections to headphone amps, preamps, amplified speakers and any other stereo equipment. Performance, construction, build, and most importantly, sound quality are all top-notch. Click to learn more.

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As the name implies, DACport is a portable USB DAC. But is also packs an audiophile headphone amplifier. DACport is the easiest way to hear your digital music in high fidelity, at home or on the go. Features a true, bit-perfect 24-bit/96kHz USB DAC and a Class A headphone amp with analog volume control. Ideal for listening to Hi-Res audio files - brings music to life with no sonic degradation. Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS. USB bus-powered. Requires no drivers or batteries. Click to learn more.

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DACport LX is perfect for people who already own a headphone amplifier and are looking for a simple, high-quality USB DAC. It doesn't get any easier than this. Plug the USB cable into the computer, plug the audio cable into the analog output and enjoy your music in high fidelity - the way it was intended to be heard. Features proprietary JitterGuard™ circuitry for lowest jitter and purest audio reproduction. Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS. USB bus-powered. Requires no drivers or batteries. Click to learn more.

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Connect any microphone to your computer in seconds! Capture vocal takes, narrate voice-overs and communicate over Skype. MicPort Pro is the only portable mic preamp with a 24-bit/96kHz A/D converter, switchable 48V phantom power, loud heapdhone amp and studio-grade control knobs. Used by the BBC, CNN, NPR, and professional musicians and voiceover artists worldwide. Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS. USB bus-powered. Requires no drivers or batteries. Click to learn more.




Connect your instrument to your computer in seconds! Record studio-quality tracks or use VST effects live. AxePort Pro is compatible with most plug-in software and comes with great-sounding effects. Features a low-noise preamp with Hi-Z input and Dry/Wet mixer. Endorsed by Will Lee (Dave Letterman Show), Nathan East (Eric Clapton), Mark Egan, Adam Nitti and many others. Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS. USB bus-powered. Requires no drivers or batteries. Click to learn more.

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The LTU measures the audio delay in your Windows™ computer. Determines true round-trip latency of your computer audio setup, from input to output, via an ASIO driver. Test your hardware, drivers and applications. Download now and optimize your system's performance. Accurate down to .5ms. Works with USB, FireWire, PCI audio interfaces. Click to learn more.




The CEntrance Universal Driver™ (UD) is the extreme performance USB audio driver for Windows™. Compatible with all CEntrance audio products, it offers such benefits as low latency (2.5ms), device aggregation, high stability and addiitonal controls. While not required for operation, UD aggregates multiple audio interfaces, letting you use more than one MicPort Pro and AxePort Pro and making more audio channels available for recording and playback. Robust performance, low latency and easy installation. Click to learn more.