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Issues In Audio, Recording and New Product Development

Developing new products is an art as much as a science, especially in the audio industry. New products present new challenges to the manufacturer, retailer and consumer. On these pages, we present an informed point of view, with a goal to demystify some of the more persistent issues.

Is There Light At The End Of The FireWire Audio Tunnel?
CEntrance Develops the Universal FireWire Audio Driver
(Published in the January 2006 issue of EQ Magazine)
(99K, pdf)
Designed To Feel Good
How Rapid Visualization Improves Product Design
(319K, pdf)
You Are Surrounded
A Guide Through the maze of the Surround Sound Formats
(456K, pdf)
Get Your Groove Back
How Recording Delay Affects Playing
(167K, pdf)
The Future of the Networking Standards
How USB 2.0 and FireWire™ Battle it out
(Published in the January 2004 issue of Pro Sound News)
(134K, pdf)
Keeping Your Projects On Track
How to Ensure Excellence in New Product Development
(134K, pdf)
Convergence In The Music Industry
How Technology is Creating New Markets
(131K, pdf)
How Smart Are Your Products?
How to Test Information Appliances
(159K, pdf)
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