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April 06, 2006. Chicago, IL
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CEntrance Announces Support for Windows XP Professional X64 Edition

Company Joins Industry Leaders in its Support of New Technology


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April 6th, 2006 - Musikmesse - Microsoft and Intel, along with industry-leading software developer Cakewalk®, have provided significant support to music software and hardware companies in porting their applications and devices to run natively on Microsoft Windows XP Professional X64 Edition and the upcoming Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, along with 64-bit Intel processor-based workstations. Currently, key major software and hardware companies in the Music Products industry now have products either available or in development for the 64-bit platform, with many announced here at Musikmesse.

CEntrance led the industry with the groundbreaking Universal Driver, which unifies formerly incompatible audio interfaces into a single production system for simultaneous recording and playback under ASIO. The driver's innovative multi-host and multi-device capability was previously unavailable under Microsoft Windows operating systems. CEntrance announces plans to support Windows x64 in 2006. For more information, please visit CEntrance at www.CEntrance.com.

Windows XP X64 Edition Combined with 64-bit–capable Intel processor–based workstations provide significant advantages to musicians when running native 64-bit music applications. Native X64 applications experience a significant processing performance increase, which varies from application to application, and the x64 platform allows for access to up to 128 GB of RAM, an exponential increase from the 4 GB of RAM afforded by yesterday’s 32-bit computing platform. The increase in processing performance can result in more simultaneous tracks, real-time effects and virtual instruments, along with closer-to-real-time latency for mixing and performance when using native x64 music applications. And the increase in system memory can result in the loading of larger, higher-quality sample content into RAM, increasing the amount of content capable of being used in any given project, while also reducing the latency introduced by disc streaming.

About CEntrance, Inc.
Founded in 2000, CEntrance is a full-service design firm that brings to market differentiated audio and entertainment products. Our holistic, customer-focused approach blends product strategy, design, innovation, and outsourcing coordination. CEntrance helps increase its clients' profitability by consistently delivering products that reinforce business goals and brand identity. CEntrance is headquartered near Chicago with offices in California, Wisconsin, and Russia. For more information, visit www.CEntrance.com or call 847-581-0500.